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July 20, 2008

More PvP on a Resto Shaman

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I’ve saved up about 21k honor in BG’s. Soon, I will have my new mace. I’m still a serious noob at the PvP gig, but I am noticing some things tactically. I’ll go through the BG’s one at a time. I’m sure most of these observations are not new.

General BG tactics:

  • If a hunter is after you, keep Earth Shield up and close with him as fast as possible. Once you’re in melee range, be sure to keep frost shock up, and keep frostbrand on your weapon to slow the hunter down. Use only lesser healing wave to keep your health up. The big heals will allow the hunter to get too far away.
  • When you use chain heal, expect the enemy to connect the lines and come find you. I still use it because it’s so effective, but I know what to expect.
  • magma totem only gives you about a second or 2 of warning that a rogue is near by. It’s not enough for me to act, but others will be forewarned before the rogue caps or takes the flag.
  • Healing makes a huge difference, especially in AB. If I’m the highest on healing and second is way behind, then I’m looking at a horde win scorecard. Don’t do anything but heal and purge if someone near you needs a heal. If you’re doing damage as a resto shaman and someone needs a heal, you’re being ineffective.
  • As a healer, don’t be by yourself unless you’re headed to a large group. I also seem to be pretty good at keeping several horde from capping in AB or EOTS, but that is eventually a losing battle and I try to avoid the temptation to be a spoiler. No alliance ever shows up to help.

Now on to the specific BG strategies that I’ve seen work. Keep in mind that I’m a noob, and there are probably better strategies, and things will probably change from battle group to battle group.

  • WarSong Gultch is probably my least favorite BG. We lose about 75% of them in my experience. If no one takes the lead and states a strategy, we lose, and that’s most of the time. I usually ask who the flagman is. I glom onto whoever speaks up. WSG can last a very long time, and if it does, it’s usually an alliance loss. I’ll have to read up on WSG strategies for alliance. I’m sure there are winning ones.
  • Arathi Basin requires a lot of movement. Alliance wins when they try to keep the horde off balance. The winning strategy that I’ve seen is when a large group of alliance wander from mostly empty node to mostly empty node killing and capping. Maybe a few folks hit guarded nodes as a decoy, but there are no massive assaults. If alliance gets into big battles at a node, horde usually caps some unguarded nodes and slowly wins while alliance assaults well defended nodes.
  • Alterec Valley. These days, it seems to be important to have a small group of people re-capping nodes as the horde advances. If this doesn’t happen, horde usually wins. Skipping Galv makes things harder, but sometimes it’s necessary if horde is camping him. Thankfully, AV is always fast these days. Turtling is rare. Sadly, the queues are pretty long in my battle group, so it makes more sense to hit other BG’s to get honor.
  • Eye of the Storm is a combination of WSG flag capping and AB node capping. I’m sure the strategy is the same for both sides, but if Alliance can either cap 3 nodes, or cap 2 and control the middle, then the game is won. If 3 nodes are capped, I wouldn’t bother with the flag. If horde either caps 3 or gains the middle, the first priority should be to capture a little guarded node. Similar to AB, if Alliance gets involved in epic battles at a node, we usually lose.

That’s it. As I learn more, I’ll post. Don’t blame me if these strategies and tactics don’t work for you. I’m a noob to this PvP thing.

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