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February 19, 2009

Of need, greed, and loot.

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Our guild has been progressing in 25 man Naxx. That’s a wonderful thing. My healing is contributing, which is a nice feeling. I’m not making as many stupid mistakes, and the loot is an upgrade for me. I’ve collected 5 pieces of Naxx 25 gear and most everyone else has too. We’ll be ready for the next big instance to come out.

We had a few interesting loot happenings last night. Well, they’re interesting from my perspective. All of the mages were rolling on what looked like healer gear with MP5. I thought this was bad manners in the past, but all of them are rolling, so I can only assume that mp5 is an important stat for mages. We had a poorly geared warlock join us for the first time. From 8 bosses, he needed on 5 pieces of gear and got them. His choices didn’t impact my upgrades, but I’m sure some drama will develop over this incident. The first problem I see was that the raid leaders didn’t put any boundaries on this player. The second problem is that he’s greedy. Well, stuff happens. I’m looking forward to the fallout.

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