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August 8, 2008

One in Forty.

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My sister recently transferred her character to Perenolde. We had done about 3 weeks of arenas back on Velen, and hadn’t won a single match. We were looking forward to ten more losses this week. I’m better geared then I was back on Velen, so I managed to stay alive longer in most cases, but we still lost our first nine matches.

Our tenth match was against a warrior/hunter team. I ran out to the middle hoping to dance around the sarcophagus in the middle, but as usual, the warrior intercepted and stunned me. The good news was that a second warrior wasn’t there to apply a second stun, so I got my big self-heal off. My sister pounced from stealth and while the warrior was beating on me, she was beating on the warrior. The hunter fired on my sister instead of me. My sister died. I got in a frost shock on the warrior to almost finish him off. It looks like he died from a bleed that my sister applied before she expired. It was then just me and the hunter.

I can’t out damage a hunter at range, so I had to close with her. She seemed to use all of those nasty tricks to keep me away. Scatter shot, trap, concussive shot… I just kept self healing with LHW and applying frost shock. I also used poison cleanse totem a lot to remove stings and mitigate those darn snake traps. After a fairly long battle, the hunter finally went down. Here’s the image of the finish (names censored to protect the innocent:

As you can see, my sister was providing useful commentary. I didn’t notice this during the match because I completely ignore chat when I’m involved in combat.

What are the morals of this story?

  • For a resto shaman to have any chance against a hunter, you have to get right in the hunter’s grill. Do this any way you can. Frost shock and Earthbind totem help.
  • Poison cleanse is very useful against hunters.
  • Keep that low rank earth shield up so that the pet can help heal you.
  • Save your pvp trinket for the freezing trap.

I also made many mistakes that made the battle last longer. I didn’t have a macro for nature’s swiftness/lightning bolt. That would have been helpful for doing a big chunk of damage. I didn’t use a searing totem. The damage from those adds up, and I completely forgot it. I didn’t use line of sight to keep the hunter close. I just ran after her. Using line of sight would have given me time to drop more totems and keep myself healed.

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