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February 13, 2008

Outland Ho!

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Ep is half way through level 57 and is looking forward to the Dark Portal to Shattrath run at level 58. After that run, I’ll be purchasing some cheap green outlands gear since all of my gear seems to be pre-level 50 now. Some of it is pre-level 40. I’ve started picking up some gear for Ep’s transition to restoration including a nice mace and shield. I’ll probably continue to work the azeroth quests as long as I can stand it since the XP bonus apparently still holds even after level 60.

My tactics haven’t changed much on Ep as far as killing monsters goes. I have the lowest rank lightning on my hot bar for pulling. I don’t body pull as much now. I also use only rank 1 earth shock to interrupt casters to save mana. Other then that, I still keep lightning shield up and do storm strike whenever it’s available. I use shamanistic rage if I’m low on mana and the mobs are close together. Usually I heal, initiate an attack, and activate rage. By the time I’m done killing 2 or 3 mobs, my mana bar is full. I’m going to miss shamanistic rage when I go resto.

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