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August 28, 2008

Paladin leveling

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My dwarf paladin is level 50. I tried an AoE protection spec. It was fun for a while, but questing was difficult. The main problems are casters and runners. Casters just seemed to eat me up and took a long time to die compared to running as ret. The prot mitigation seems to do no good against casterrs. There are some talents for that, and when I start tanking at 70, I’ll probably look into them. Runners always seemed to bring more adds, which is fine at first, but my poor paladin would get pretty worn down after the second or third group of adds. My conclusion is that retribution spec and questing is the most efficient way to level a paladin. Even as ret, I can still grab two or three melee mobs, use consecrate and retribution aura and wear them down. That’s enough AoE for now.

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