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March 5, 2008

Preparing for the Change (or Gearing up for Restoration)

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Ep the shaman is nearly level 67 now and I’ve been buying some Bind on Equip gear for the change to try to make my healing as effective as possible as early as possible. I’m looking mostly for +int, +healing, and +mana per 5 seconds gear. I may replace some of this stuff with quest and instance gear and just sell it back on AH, but some of it may make it into Kara too. Here is the list of mostly resto shaman focused stuff that I’ve aquired so far:

Thundercaller’s Gauntlets and Netherfury Boots are more for elemental shaman, but they may have to suffice if I don’t find something better. This isn’t the complete list of gear that I need obviously, but it’s a start. Resto4Now has a great list and rankings of resto shaman gear. The Shammy Wiki has a more complete list of stuff the budding 70 resto shaman should look for to gird for Kara and heroics. Most of my collection is on that list.

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