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June 6, 2008

PUG’ing Gruul’s Lair

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Most of my new guildies hate PUG’ing. I’m so used to it from Velen, that it doesn’t bother me. Today, I saw an advertisement for a healer in Gruul’s lair and jumped at the chance. I’ve never seen the inside of the place, and there is some t4 stuff in there. We got the High King down and he dropped 2 Pauldrons of the Fallen Champion and I got one. Woohoo! After a couple of wipes, it was pretty clear that we didn’t have the DPS to take down Gruul. At the 17th growth, we struggled in vain to keep the tanks up, and the rest of the raid went with minimal heals. It was still a lot of fun, and I turned in my token for some Cyclone Shoulderpads to get the 2 piece bonus of about 7 mp5 from mana spring.

Did I mention that pugs can be fun?

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