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March 26, 2008

Resto Farming

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Well, I didn’t go to Magister’s Terrace. I didn’t go group with anyone. I farmed for Alchemy recipes in Nagrand. It turns out that I can farm effectively as resto. I have about +450 spell damage, so that helps. My usual pull is lightning, which hits for just over 1k, then flame shock (or earth shock if I’m facing a caster), then drop a searing totem, then melee the mob down while keeping flame shock up. Windfury isn’t as effective in resto as it was in enhanced. I apply flametongue. I tried using earth shield to keep my health up, but it seems more mana efficient to use water shield and heal when needed. I’m considering getting an elemental set for my farming activities, and just keeping the resto spec. I may re-talent and get some lower tier elemental talents to help damage a bit.

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