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January 13, 2009

Sapphiron Down

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Our raid group took down 10 man Sapphiron last night. We spent about 2 hours learning the fight. The successful try was like someone flipped a switch. Up until then, we couldn’t get him below 70%, and then everything clicked and we downed him pretty fast.

There are several things in this fight that everyone has to pay attention to. First, you must get out of the blizzard. The damage piles up, and once you’re caught in the blizzard, it slows you so it’s harder to get out. In our group, we let the tank eat the blizzards so he didn’t have to move Sapp around and kill folks with tail swipe. During the air phase, everyone needs to spread out, wait for the 2 ice blocks, and then go hide behind one. The frost breath that happens soon after will one-shot you. If you took the cleanse talent, you’ll probably have to help with life drain. It needs to be cleansed as soon as possible as it not only does damage, but t heals Sapphiron.

The caster loot was limited to the Circle of Life. I passed, as our other shaman was replacing a blue ring and mine are as good as this one. The Helmet of the Inner Sanctum drops here, but we didn’t see it this time.

We did 3 attempts at Kel’Thuzad, but didn’t get him down. We got past the adds, but the ice blocks were our downfall. We’ll probably get that fight down next week.

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