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April 12, 2008

Shadow Labyrinth Run

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Our guild organized a shadow labyrinth dungeon run last night. With some difficulty, we got Murmur down. The loot wasn’t wonderful for anyone, but we all got some quests and lower city rep, and we all got the first frag of the kara key. Yes, I know we don’t need the key anymore, but it’s good practice of grouping skills. For progressed guilds slabs may not seem like much, but it requires a lot more attention to detail and gear then instances up to that point. I’m happy that our guild brought the house down. Now for the good and the bad:

The good

  • We cleared the trash very quickly. Overseers didn’t start respawning until we wiped on Murmur.
  • Even with adds on the trash, and an overseer add later (after they respawned), we didn’t wipe.
  • Everyone was willing to try different things and persist through wipes on the bosses.

The bad

  • We had more unplanned adds on trash then usual. This caused a wipe once.
  • Our group tended to DPS before the tank had agro, which led to a lot of damage throughout the party.
  • We wiped several times on Vorpil and Murmur. This is probably not so bad since the tank was learning the encounters.

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