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July 11, 2008

Shaman Extreme Sports

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I was looking around for information on shaman tactics in World of Warcraft when I came across this. The response this post elicited was surprising. Many folks had a similar reaction to me, “Neato. I’d try that”. Other folks, and many shaman were positively vitriolic about the post. I was amazed that some folks would react that way to a novel idea. Digging further I found a WoWInsider article which described a successful attempt by a shaman to tank the whole Karazhan instance. I was especially impressed with the tanking of prince.

Most shaman who tank use some elemental/enhance spec, but I’ve read about a few folks who use a resto/enhance or resto/elemental spec. Enhanced has what some folks consider the last vestiges of tanking talents for shaman; shield specialization, anticipation, and toughness. The elemental tree seems to be the best tree to lay down the agro with the better shocks and faster lightning. I’ve wondered if the resto tree would be adequate for agro generation. Even with threat reduction talents, I can usually pull agro away from tanks at a similar gear level if I try. If a tank is less geared then me, then I have to be really careful. If I were crazy enough to try a resto tank build, I might try either this build going into the enhance tree for more survivability, or this one in elemental to build more agro. If I were to try to gear up for shaman tanking, I would consider a lot of the PVP gear for the high stamina and resilience.

I don’t expect that a shaman with current itemization could tank anything past Karazhan except in special cases, but it might be fun to try. Maybe I’ll have to do more pvp and get a “tanking” set.

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