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April 21, 2008

Shaman Noobishness

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Is noobishness a word? It should be. I’ve been running around like an enhanced shaman meleeing things down with my mace with flametongue, a searing totem, and some shocks for quite some time. Today, I tried something different. My original grinding rotation was: Lightning bolt two or three times, flame shock, searing totem, and melee them down with a shock whenever it was available. My new grind: Drop a searing totem, lightning bolt all of the time. Flame shock whenever it’s up with either earth shock or frost shock as the alternate. There is very little melee in this rotation. I thought the interrupts would eat into my DPS badly, but for most mobs it doesn’t. Those that attack quickly are a problem with this rotation, and I just switch back to melee and shocks for those. My dps went from around 300 to almost 500. That’s not bad for a change that doesn’t require any gear.

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