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April 25, 2011

The Cataclysm 1-60 leveling guide… or not.

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I’ve been back in WoW for about two weeks after a long absence. The interface and game play have progressed a lot. The whole experience is more polished then when I left. Aside from playing through the goblin start area (my sister recommended it and now I do too), I’ve been focusing on bringing a paladin to 85.

Why did I choose a paladin? It’s one of two classes that can fill any of the major roles; tank, healer, or DPS. Druids can also fill all of these roles, but I’ve never been able to keep interested in playing a druid.

So there I was, in the newly revamped Tauren starting area with my fresh new paladin. I thought about going to WoW-Pro and using their guide as I’ve done in the past (their guide seems to have become an addon). I decided I’d pass on the guide and just follow the storyline since I was also interested in the new lore.

It turns out that you really don’t need a guide to level from 1-60 any more. The quests come in bundles, and there are plenty of breadcrumbs to follow from one quest hub to the next. If you get lost and confused, you can always go back to your capital city and find the new quest board. This quest board presents one or two quests which will point you to the right zone for the level you’re on.

While you’re in the capital city, I suggest you do the two daily cooking and fishing quests (one of each). The XP scales with level, they’re easy to do, and you get some nice rewards (to be used at level cap in the case of cooking).

Really, you don’t need a guide for azeroth leveling. The quest hubs progress, one to the next and most of the quest objectives are a short distance from the hubs. When you complete the quests in an area, you get a quest to go to the next area. The map now includes the quest objectives, like quest-finder used to.

The story is pretty interesting too. You get to see the motivations and thoughts of some faction leaders, and you get to see a bit of history on how your faction got to where it is. I wish more lore was intertwined into the quests, but it’s a big improvement over the old leveling quests.

Azeroth quests started running dry (or green) for me at level 58, unless I wanted to visit Silithus. I wasn’t interested in the bug-zone, so I went straight to outland. I don’t regret it. I’m about two thirds of the way through hell-fire peninsula and I’m at level 62. The early quests in outland seem to give a bit less XP then the same quests in Azeroth, so if you want true efficiency you may want to continue leveling in Azeroth until you run out of quests.

My play time to level 62 is currently 3 days and 6 hours spread over about two weeks. I would be leveling even faster, but I’m trying to keep my crafting in-line with my level so I don’t have a huge crafting grind later. I’ve probably “wasted” 12 hours mining, skinning, fishing, and cooking.

So go out there and level! You’ll be surprised how easy it is without a guide.

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