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April 18, 2008

The Daily Grind

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I haven’t posted much this week because I haven’t done much. I haven’t had much time to do more then the Shattered Sun dailies and then go to bed. I will speak to doing the daily grind on a resto shaman compared to a hunter though. On Og, my hunter, the dailies go fairly quickly. The things I have to be careful about on Og are adds when fighting in the high spawn rate areas. Hunters can handle multiple mobs, but it can get dicey when you have three of them attacking you at the same time and you’re standing on a spawn point. On my shaman, it’s not so much of a problem. I’ve managed 4 mobs attacking at the same time without worrying about dying. Either earth shield or water shield and some Lesser Healing Waves keeps me alive. Doing the dailies is a practice in patience though. Og does 500 – 700 DPS to most mobs in the dailies. Ep does around 300 – 400 DPS. I have no problem downing mobs, it just takes a while. There is always competition for the dailies and I fare well tagging mobs before many other folks, thanks to flame shock and earth shock. The one daily that is painful though is the “Mana Cells” quest, where you go to Bashir’s Landing and collect 10 mana cells. The cells are guarded by these mana eels similar to the ones in NetherStorm. The problem occurrs when I’m killing one… slowly… and some asshat comes along and ninja’s the mana cell while I’m busy. In this instance, Og has a much easier time of it. I send in the pet to occupy the mob, go grab the mana cell, and then mow down the mana eel. Stoneclaw doesn’t seem to last long enough for Ep to grab the power cell, so I’m stuck fighting the mob and occasionally watching someone else grab the cell. I’ve adjusted by trying to do this daily either off hours, or I skirt the edges of the camp looking for the less popular mana cells.

What’s on my WoW plate this weekend? Well, I want to hit Magister’s Terrace and 2 other instances. Mercury still needs slabs because of a key fragment loot problem. I would like to see Botanica, heroic Slave Pens, or heroic Mana Tombs. The latter two seem to drop a lot of healer loot.

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