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April 8, 2008

The DPS Machine, a Resto Shaman?

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Well, not really. I was looking for a Sethekk Halls pug last night and I found one. Before I got invited, I mentioned that I was a resto shaman. They invited me and I assumed that I would be healing. Well, after the first pull, I realized that the other shaman was resto as well. I offered to spam lightning bolt and backup heal. We sorted out the totem forest situation, and away we went. It was a good run and my DPS was surprisingly good. With the group buffs, I was doing around 600 DPS in healing gear with no spell damage consumables. There were no wipes, and everyone was happy with the totem buffs. I got my slabs key, so no depending on other folks to get in. I need about 6 slabs runs plus the quests to get lower city revered and pick up my Lower City Prayer Book.

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