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March 17, 2008

The Last Ding

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My wife graciously allowed me to use her laptop to play WoW this weekend. Yes, she’s probably enabling my addiction. Well anyway, Ep made level 70 and bought the flying mount. I was going to respec as soon as Ep hit 70, but I’d like to get all of the solo quests in Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm before switching. I don’t think a resto will be as efficient with these. Is this an excuse to stay enhanced a little longer? Maybe it is. I love how fast I can chew through monsters. I’ve also enjoyed the few times I’ve main healed, so the transition shouldn’t be much of a shock to me.

So as a new 70 with blues and greens, I can muster a healing bonus of +890. That won’t get me far, but I still have a lot of quests and pre-kara instances to do so my gear will improve. I’m also working on an enhanced set. My AP is about 900 right now on that side. Og, the hunter is at 1500 AP, so I have a way to go there too. I’d forgotten how much work there is to gear up for Kara.

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