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November 25, 2008

The march to the end game.

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I reached level 75 this weekend. There are several members of the guild who are already at 80, so it looks like they will be starting raids as I reach 80. That’s nice, but I’ll be in a hurry to gear up. It looks like I’ll be most interested in Wyrmrest Accord and Kalu’ak rep for gear. The healing stats I need to look at going into naxx are: spell power, mp5, spell crit, int, and stamina. I’ll work out the numbers I expect to hit when I get closer.

What’s my impression of the expansion so far? Being from a Scandinavian background, the whole area appeals to me. Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord were a lot of fun. Dragonblight is darker (of course), but the quests are varied and mostly fun. The new vehicle quests are a nice diversion from killing and collecting stuff. I’ve actually done the group quests since there are always folks waiting to kill those elites. I assume as people hit 80, it will be harder to find groups for those. So far, the healing loot hasn’t compared favorably to the kara/za/badge gear that I already have, but it’s now getting close.

Here is a tip by the way to tag mobs when AoE classes are around doing that ridiculous AoE spam. I think this only works for casters, but maybe melee types have some comparable abilities they can experiment with. Bind some instant damage spell or ability (preferably ranged) to a hot key. When you expect the mob to spawn, hit the tab key and the instant damage key in quick succession over and over. When the mob spawns, you have a great chance of tagging it. With AoE around, I can tag the mob about 60% of the time. Be sure when you hit tab, you aren’t targeting some other mob that is in range of your damage spell.

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