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February 26, 2008

The Wonders of Water Shield

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When Ep the shaman hit level 62, I started using water shield instead of lightning shield in the grind to level 70. Water shield is amazing! It allows for no downtime while grinding.

My grind rotation is now usually lightning rank 1 to pull, flame shock, storm strike whenever it’s available, and flame shock again when it runs out. I always recast water shield when the charges are used and I end the fight with full mana. I use a healing wave to top off my health, then move to the next mob.

I’m probably going to put full strength lightning on my hot bar again instead of rank one since I seem to be able to afford the mana. I may also put the highest rank earth shock back on my hot bar. I’ll see how the mana expenditure goes. With this shield, I’m going to start healing in instances again soon as I’m about to join a level 60+ raiding guild. My problem there will probably be threat more then mana now.


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