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April 7, 2008

They’ll Let Anyone in these Days

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With the keying requirement for Kara gone, some interesting groups are making their way to deadwind pass. Last night, I went along on Ep to do healing. We had 3 healers, and at 1350 healing, I had far and away the highest healing bonus. I suspect that the other folks aside from healers were geared similarly, though I didn’t do any inspects. It was a wipe-fest. The healing was falling behind all over the group, and it looked like the DPS was pretty low judging from my damage meter. I had main tank heal duties, which shaman aren’t the best at, because of my “high” heal bonus. I’m pretty sure that if a shaman wants to man tank heal in kara in the early stages, +1500 healing and +120 mp5 is the minimum gearing necessary. In my opinion, the keying process was a great way to get folks geared up, and get the grouping skills tuned. By the end of keying, Og the hunter was ready to step into kara with 8500 hp, 6500 mana, and 1400 rap. These days, any 70 can get in and it’s going to make it hard to find good pugs.

If one wants to be effective in kara, one should go through the keying process to get the gear and skills necessary to do a good job. I posted a list of links to recommended pre-kara gear on my main’s guild website and I think it’s worth posting here. It’s a little dated, as there is some new badge gear, and a whole new reputation grind with Shattered Hand, but one should be able to tell what is important in kara from this list:










Along with gear, one needs good enchants and augments. There is a fairly old site that lists the needed stats to walk in the door of karazhan. Personally, I think some of the healer numbers are really low. The short is that most of your gear should be level appropriate blues with maybe a couple of greenies depending on your class.

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  1. Those are low numbers, to be sure. But the point is that a new player should have a rough idea of what to aim for just to walk into that place and kill Attumen. It would be tough, for sure, but doable. A group with stats that low would never kill Nightbane, for instance.

    Comment by Matticus — April 7, 2008 @ 11:42 am

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