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August 20, 2008

UI Spring Cleaning

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I’ve been trying to get my UI in World of Warcraft as clean as possible. I motivated to do this for a several reasons.

  • I like to be able to see the world without a lot of gunk in the way.
  • A clean UI loads faster.
  • I’m slow an I can’t deal with a lot of information flying at me, especially if there are redundant sources of info.

Here is a picture of my current UI which is mostly clean, but I think I can do better:

I use CT_Mod for the buff box, bars, and hiding some elements like the arrows on chat among other things. Titan Panel displays a thin ribbon of information along the top. I use grid and clique to manage frames. Grid is the little grey box with the blue rectangle in it. As people join your party or raid it expands to fit the number of people who have joined. The two small vertical bars in the lower right are TotemTimers. It’s a great addon for Shaman, but it looks a little cluttered. I hide some elements like th e player and party frames with a macro. Wowwiki was the source of the commands I used.

There are some other improvements to be made. The CT and auctioneer buttons on the minimap can be removed. I’ve read that I can remove the location bar on the minimap (titan panel shows the location already). I can probably hide the reputation bar since I’m only interested in it once in a while, and I can go to the rep screen for that info. I’m looking for a better buff mod, and maybe a cleaner minimap.

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