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December 11, 2008

Ve Dings 80. What’s Next?

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Ve, the shaman dinged level 80 about two weeks ago. I like raiding and I started to enjoy PvP at 70, so I am beginning the process of preparing for these activities, especially raiding. My activities fall into several general categories:

Making money to buy enchants and gear.
Grinding rep for enhancements and some gear.
Running instances for healing practice and rep.

Since most folks are still leveling, many of my activities in these three areas will probably change as areas get more crowded. I farm as resto. It’s less efficient, but I seem to be doing ok without respeccing to elemental or enhancement.

Making Money

While I still have them, quests are an ok way to make money without getting too bored. At the level cap, the experience gets converted to gold. I’m a bit tired of questing though after ten levels of quests getting to 80. For those who solo most of the time, you probably have tons of quests in Storm Peaks and Icecrown which are not complete. Depending on where you leveled, you may have a bunch of quests in Sholazar Basin or Grizzly Hills which may be easy to knock off.

Crystaline Elements:
The new motes of elements are crystaline elements and the new elemental plateau is the western cliff of Sholazar Basin. Right now, there are very few people farming this area. It looon Perenoldks like two people can farm the area without competing, but three or more people means waiting on spawns. Sadly, the auction house prices on Perenolde for crystaline and eternal elements are low for the work you do. I expect this to change as more people hit 80 and start crafting things. I’ll save my eternals until then.

Other materials:
Northrend skins, ores, herbs, and cloth all seem to be selling for good amounts on Perenolde. Azeroth and Outland herbs are selling for a fraction of their original value. On most mature servers, I would expect to see the same patterns.

As with materials, Northrend potions, elixirs, and buff foods sell really well. Azeroth and Outlands goods are not selling well. The same seems to go for other crafting professions, but I only see that from the perspective of a buyer. Epics don’t seem to sell at what their potential suggests. That’s good for the buyer, but not so good for crafters.

Following what I knew from BC, I couldn’t justify leveling my fishing score until recently. That seems to be a mistake. The buff foods from fishing/cooking sell well. The big seller is pygmy oil made from the pygmy suckerfish. The oil sells for 400G per stack of 20 on Perenolde. It takes me about 35 minutes to fish up a stack on average. (4 casts per minute is 140 casts for about 14 fish. Each fish makes 1 or 2 oils). This is ok money for something you can do without paying a lot of attention.


I’m mostly interested in Kirin Tor rep for the Spell Power/Crit head enchant, Wyrmrest Accord for the Spell Power/mp5 head enchant, and Sons of Hodir for the shoulder enchants. Most of the epic gear will get replaced after a few trips into Naxx, so I’d rather grind money then rep after getting my enchants. Kirin Tor and Wyrmrest both have tabards available at friendly which you can wear to gain rep while clearing level 80 dungeons. For Sons rep, you’re stuck doing daily quests.


There is a lot of pre-raid gear available without even stepping foot in a dungeon so the main reason I do dungeons is for healing practice and reputation. If something nice drops in a dungeon, that’s a nice bonus. Heroics are nice for the new emblems of heroism, but I think I will save the emblems for a later patch.

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